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NANCY SHOAP, author and speaker, resides in Walnut Bottom, Pennsylvania, with her husband Dave and their cat Ace, who was featured in Miracles of His Care, the Guideposts book which published her first story. This inspired her to write His Everyday Promises, her first book. Then, as she promoted her book, she felt led to create a ministry of inspirational speaking and uplifting music while sharing her testimony. Many people shared their own life experiences and praised God as Nancy’s book reminded them of their own blessings.These stories from her audiences became the origin of Nancy’s second book, Blessing and Praise. For more information about this ministry play the audio link at the bottom of this page.

Nancy describes herself as an ordinary person who was willing to be used by God to write these stories. She prays that readers will see how God fulfills promises and how sustaining their faith will allow them to be aware of blessings they receive. May you be encouraged to tell your story and give all the praise, glory, and honor to Him.