The following article was published after the release of “His Everyday Promises”

Woman shares God’s plan for her

Nancy Shoap of Walnut Bottom tell her story of hope in God in her first book, His Everyday Promises.

Photo taken by Iris Hersh, courtesy of Public Opinion

Public Opinion (Chambersburg, PA) – Thursday, July 9, 2009 Author: IRIS HERSH Staff writer

WALNUT BOTTOM — In her newly published book, ” His Everyday Promises ,” Nancy Shoap tells her inspirational story of how God’s plan for her saved her sight.

In 1999 Shoap, of Walnut Bottom, was diagnosed with a rare eye condition, uveitis, and was told by several eye specialists she would go blind.

“I had to wear dark glasses and felt depressed,” she said.

An avid gardener, she was working in her garden one day when a stray black cat joined her. They became friends. Visits from the cat and caring for it took her mind off her serious eye condition. Then, the cat disappeared.

“While searching for the cat I started appreciating the beauty of God’s creations,” Shoap said. She began feeling thankful for her vision as it was, focused on the positive things in her life and took one day at a time.

Having never written before, Shoap wrote her story and thoughts on paper about the incident and submitted it to Guideposts Magazine. It was published in the Guideposts exclusive series, “When Miracles Happen.” The volume, which came out in 2006, was called “Miracles of His Care.”

After her first story, the author spent about three years writing down her own and other people’s extraordinary experiences of divine intervention. In her recently released book, Shoap shares those stories of people who felt God intervening in their lives.

Each of the 12 inspirational, easy-to-read short stories is a reminder that God doesn’t abandon us when life becomes difficult, Shoap said.

“I’m just an ordinary person and I can’t believe God chose me to share these stories of hope and encouragement,” she said. “God never ceases to amaze me.”

Shoap said her experiences have taught her that it’s important to keep a positive attitude in life. She continues to see well.