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Stories Book 2


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• Foreword
• Introduction
• Be Blessed and Be a Blessing
• It’s Been a Long Time
• Feeling His Presence
• My Strength for Each New Day
• In God’s Time
• An Angel
• Be an Encourager
• Unexpected Motivation
• Earth Angels in Disguise
• Praying Always
• Knowing Him
• Share a Blessing


As you read these stories may you Be Blessed and Be a Blessing to someone today.

It’s Been a Long Time reminded me that we never know how we may possibly touch someone’s life.

It doesn’t matter where you are, God is present and you can share the joy of Feeling His Presence. There is no place in the universe where God is not!

My Strength for Each New Day is a story about a young girl who was able to find strength to overcome a devastating situation.

All things in the journey of life on this earth are accomplished In God’s Time.

In An Angel, you’ll read how God sends His messengers to watch over us.

Read about how important it is to Be an Encourager and the effect it can have on the life of another person.

Be prepared — you never know where Unexpected Motivation will come from.

Earth Angels in Disguise is an experience shared by a dear friend about how sometimes God sends animals to comfort us.

Praying Always is a reminder that prayer can generate a two-way blessing.

I have included a testimony from a man named Joe about how he discovered the importance of Knowing Him, not just knowing about Him.

Sometimes when we take the time to share another’s burdens, we have the privilege to Share a Blessing as a result.