Gary & Chris, Jonestown, PAHis Everyday Promises by Nancy Shoap is like a breath of fresh air in this stale and stagnant world we live in. There truly are rainbows and a light at the end of our worldly tunnels! It is a true testimony as to how our Lord can work within our everyday life when you accept Christ into your heart and listen to what He has to say to you. The stories are so easy to read and encouraging for all ages. It doesn’t take long to read and leaves you with the desire to start back at the beginning and read it again; knowing you will receive a different message each time you do. No matter how busy you are, this is a book you will make time to read. The simplicity of God’s love shines through every page. This book should be on every bed side, on every coffee table and in every office! The encouragement you will receive is unbelievable.

Bill & Mary, Shippensburg, PA – I received this phone call from a man and his wife after they read the book. He shared that when he read the book one paragraph really touched him. Then he gave the book to his wife to read and as she was reading it she said to him this one paragraph really is so meaningful to me. He said it had to be a miracle and he wanted to share it with me because it was the exact paragraph that had touched him and he had not told her. They had been praying for our nation and the trying times we are facing today. They felt like this paragraph was an answer to their prayer. This is the paragraph that had so much meaning to the both of them. The waiting is the difficult part, but this is how God develops patience and faith in you. You simply have to have faith, trust, and belief that God has your life completely in His hands and that He will answer you in His time and in His way. They felt like this was the answer to their prayer that they should be patient and continue in prayer for our nation because God has everything under control.

Sally, Cleversburg, PA – Loved this book! I actually met the author last year before this book was written and it is such a joy to see her healing in person and to see this in print. Awesome testimony to our Heavenly Father. The book is written in an easy to follow format and the print is not too small. Makes for easy reading and is in short story form. Perfect for waiting room reading, travel, bedtime etc. A wonderful pick me up in moments of doubt. A timely reminder of His presence in our everyday lives. Highly recommend!

Sandy, Carlisle, PA – Had to read this book several times… because each time I received a new message from the stories. LOVED IT!

Amy, Mechanicsburg, PA – Nancy, your book is living proof of how the Lord is working in situations to show His love and concern for people. I love how He blessed you with a sweet furry gift of hope, and how even a seemingly impossible situation there was turned around… because of Him. Thank you for sharing with the world how great our Lord is! You are an inspiration and your book has greatly encouraged me. I can’t wait to read it again!

Brenda Jo, Walnut Bottom, PA – I received an email from a friend after her mother read the story of “His Healing.” She said it inspired her so much that she had to let me know. She felt like it was truly God’s plan in action. She has been praying for her mom because she suffers with a serious muscle problem. After reading the story, her mom she stated that she now had a different outlook on her problem and said, “I can deal with this, it isn’t so bad. There are a lot of people worse than I am.” She then gave the book to her husband to read. He too said that it was so inspirational to him. Her daughter just wanted to thank me for the book. Also, to tell me know that she was glad God’s plan involved our meeting on this journey of life to help and fellowship with each other.

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